Enrique Bascón
God Bless America
Oil on wood
230cm x 140cm x 14.2cm

God Bless America

What is America? One continent. One self proclaimed country. The cradle of an empire, which to survive, must ignore the differences of others. An influence, and a symptom of belonging, that survives parallel to the chaos of consumerism. America is also an idea, and a melting pot of original customs, which perish before the light of apparent freedom. “God Bless America”. We emerge from blood, and from religion. We are what we are, and what others have made us. We kneel for our religions, but also for the brand names, which invade our walls and infest our lives. We are the altarpiece, the border, the brand name on a t-shirt, the soccer team, and the Guadalupana. Blood, desert and race. A paradox that speaks English, and ignores itself. “God Bless America”.
Text: Aldo Fulcanelli.

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