Enrique Bascón
El manzano
Museum Quality Print on 300 grs. Paper
Framed 99cm x 46cm | Rolled 76cm x 28cm

El Manzano

In this series we see again and again the red apple, which the artist uses to symbolize corruption in Mexico. The most common form of which can be seen every day in the streets, in the form of the bribes solicited by Police Officers. We call those bribes “La Mordida” or “The Bite.” So, how appropriate to see an apple with a bite taken. This is also a reference to the Original Sin. The Forbidden Fruit. We see one officer looking up at the apples still on the branch, contemplating the temptation of the easy money. The other looks down at a fallen apple, a bite already taken. Perhaps he has been taking the bite for quite some time already. Perhaps he is looking down out of shame.